Aquatic Integration™ is a warm water, holistic therapy that encourages sensory integration through touch, communication, stillness and movement. Rooted in Watsu and neuro somatic assessment, AI bridges Eastern and Western approaches to healing and is an effective treatment for sensory neurological re-patterning, physical and emotional trauma.

Utilizing deep listening and the natural elements of water, the client is invited into an intuitive, reflective state of awareness, supporting a greater potential for movement, ease and synchronicity. Aquatic Integration cultivates an atmosphere through which curiosity and gentle inquiry is nourished within a safe, fluid environment.

The AI practitioner views the body as a natural landscape and understands that like nature, a state of balance is dynamic and adaptive, rather than static or fixed. Tailored to the needs of the individual, each session is a unique, organic response to the client’s physical and emotional state of being. Aquatic Integration facilitates greater access to positive resources within, promoting a healthy, integrated self.  

a short Aquatic Integration intoduction video

“The value of AI in my practice is very significant. It has allowed for space between the client and my self by utilizing full floats which also gives me free hands to work where needed. It allows for stability of the client and length of arm which has been especially good with the prenatal and restricted clients. AI has given me the ability to treat in a more clinical and intuitive manner, and has given me excellent moves to help facilitate rehabilitation of the body and mind."
Claudia Kavcic, Lac, Nelson BC

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