Aquatic Integration Council
A group of 5 members (volunteers), made up of Bodyworkers and Psycho-somatic Professionals to oversee any decisions made for the Aquatic Integration technique. The AI council meets once a month to discuss and vote on any certification program changes, promotion, application and review process, student projects and teacher training

The Worldwide Aquatic Bodyworker’s Association (WABA)

History of the Registry/WABA
The Registry had its beginning in the 1980’s when Harold Dull developed Watsu and students began to study the work. The registry provided a way to store student transcripts.
With the Registry on the internet, authorized instructors can add students from anywhere. Students can apply their classes to the pre-requisites for classes with other instructors.
Currently there are many more instructors and many more aquatic modalities under the umbrella of WABA. Watsu, Healing Dance, WaterDance, Aquatic Integration.
The Registry stores what is needed for the professional application of these forms.
Instructors and others help to manage WABA and set the standards for our programs and teacher trainings.

WABA continues as a non-profit organization.
ESAC (Educational Standards Advisory Committee), work under WABA and is a group of instructors, who set standards for all WABA programs.

Watsu® and Tantsu® are registered service marks of Harold Dull for information got to or email

The National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork
NCBTMB is an independent, private, nonprofit organization founded in 1992 to establish a certification program that would uphold a national standard of excellence in the field. Today, there are nearly 80,000 nationally certified massage therapists and bodyworker’s safely and responsibly serving millions of Americans each year.

Contact Info:
Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm CT


Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
ABMP Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
Celebrating 25 years of serving the massage therapy community through practice support, ethical standards, legislative advocacy, and public education. ABMP offers excellent insurance and resources for students, practitioners and teachers of Bodywork & Massage.

CAMTC California Massage Therapy Council
Mission is to protect the public by certifying qualified massage professionals in California. CAMTC was created by the CA Legislature through the enactment of CA Business and Professions Code 4600.

CAMTC is required to:
(1) Create and implement voluntary certification for the massage therapy profession that will enable consumers to easily identify credible Certified Massage Therapists (CMTs) and Certified Massage Practitioners (CMPs);
(2) Ensure that CMTs and CMPs have completed sufficient training at approved schools; and
(3) Increase education and training standards consistent with other states.


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