AI Apprentice Program

Aquatic Integration (AI) has been evolving and progressing over the last nine years. The response from students training in AI and clients receiving AI sessions has been the catalyst for its evolution.

In order for AI to grow and develop as a mature technique, an Apprentice program has been developed. This will allow for Aquatic Integration to have a wider outreach geographically, as well as having equal standing in the fields with which AI bridges. This not only includes massage, but physical, occupational, chiropractic and psychosomatic therapies.

The Apprentice Program will be catered to each individual that is accepted in the program. Below is the base requirements, at each level completed Teacher/Apprentice will discuss any areas needed for more concentration, refining and or repetition.

Currently, a council of six members oversees the application and review process for those who enter into the AI Apprentice program. The AI council meets every few month to discuss the applications, as well as certification requirements, promotion, and student projects.

Accepting applications

Requirements for applicants will include::

Base Requirements for applicants will include:
Successful completion of the AI Practitioner Program
AI Practitioner in good standing with an active practice for at least 3 years
Auditing each level, AI I, II, III
Complete Application of Intention to Teach AI
Assist(s) with AI Introduction, AI 1, and/or AI for Clinical Professionals (which level class to assist with and how many times, will be determined by profession, level of skill and Teachers/councils approval)
Because this is an apprenticeship, at each stage of assisting, there will be more teaching opportunities given over to T/A.
When there is an agreement between Teacher, Apprentice and AI Council that Apprentice is ready to teach, approval and certificate to teach will be given. All evaluations of T/A will be sent to Council.

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