Having the opportunity to define and refine your skills at whatever level you are, is time well spent. This time is yours. It is a good time to become aware of the specific areas in your work where you would like more clarity. Being able to discern this for yourself already speaks to your ability to read the body, in particular, your own.

Creating a contract with your teacher is a very powerful and energizing commitment to fulfilling a vision for yourself. A commitment can still hold flexibility and adjustments if needed. Vision holds and supports the vitality of your commitment. Once this is stated in a contract, it becomes the resource for accountability. It helps you track progress and determine where changes might be needed in achieving your goals.

Some areas you may wish to work on:
• Deepening your education on philosophy and theory of techniques
• Increasing your skills in execution of form
• Improving your body mechanics
• Learning to view the body as a natural landscape
• Discerning Yin (empty) and Yang (excess) in body posture and movement
• Building a viable practice, (marketing, business tips, etc)

What can a contract or agreement look like? The contract can be verbal and/or in writing. The contract should include:

The student’s vision for study
A description of the goals/objectives for mentor/student to reach stated vision
An estimated time frame that comfortably fits both, i.e 1x/week, 1x/month, or a
concentrated time frame of 2-3 days at a time.

Mentoring is usually set up as a one to one advisory relationship. The mentor agrees to be available to student for a period of time, assisting with business questions, support during the final project or training required, and being a mirror for self-appreciation and building confidence.

An Internship is a designated time, one week to two months, involving a minimum of 2-3 students. Students and teacher initially decide upon the common need and an approximate time to achieve the goal(s). Internships are for the purpose of developing and refining skills in assessment and technique.

A Supervision is usually a one to one appointment scheduled to assess and assist a student with minor issues in technique. Supervision can also be in a group format (study group), very helpful for review and refining of skills after the completion of a class.

Cost of services are dependent on which service and time spent. If services are shared with another student, cost of service is reduced. Typically services are $60-75 an hr.

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