This course is designed to introduce therapists to the theory, practice
and benefits of AI. The workshop focuses on enhancing your aquatic techniques to facilitate core stabilization, postural alignment, symmetry, mobility and movement awareness through a framework developed to bridge your clinical skills with a complementary approach. Participants will learn to incorporate, modify, and blend
different holistic techniques that will enhance their practice.

Class time includes:
  • Body awareness exercise on land to enhance participants kinesthetic sense of mechanics for water; maximum ease, efficiency and continuity;
  • Demonstrations and practice of proper holds;
  • Exploration of the power and effectiveness of utilizing the rhythm of the breath and continuity as key elements in a treatment session;
  • Use of pillow and leg float for optimum support while performing spinal stretches, pelvic and shoulder stabilization techniques.
  • Determining habitual postural holding patterns vs. acute muscular holding and the emotional and psychological considerations.

Course Outline and Schedule:


  • Discussions on the value of Manual Aquatic Therapy/DVD
  • Different techniques that will bridge clinical with complimentary
  • Exercises to enhance Core Awareness and Breath


  • Water Demo/Practice starting, finishing & various holds
  • Technique for float placement, assessment & treatment
  • Framework /Segmenting the body ~ Movement Integration
  • Overview & Questions

What others are saying:
“Cameron has an intuitive and holistic understanding of bio-mechanics with a sense of integration that I have never witnessed. The theory of body geometry is something I still have to grasp but when demonstrated, her techniques directed us, toward a potent knowledge of elastic gateways that allowed physical, energetic and even emotional freedoms. It is exciting work!” Mary, Massage Therapist

“Highly recommended! Cameron is a wonderful instructor and very knowledgeable in many areas: anatomy and physiology, shiatsu, aquatic properties and principles, etc. During this class you really focus on a wide range of disabilities, precautions and restrictions, goals and adapted moves. If you work in a community, hospital, rehab, or private setting, I encourage all to take this class." Sandy, Physical Therapist

Cameron West is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a Continuing Education Approved Provider, Provider # 451028-09.

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