“Cameron as a teacher is incredibly knowledgeable and patient. She has a great gift for teaching and is really good at making things clear by first demonstrating, then observing how we do it, and asks if we need any clarification along the way. As well, Cameron insists that she receives from everyone in class so that she can know for sure from an experiential base that we are doing things correctly and gives valuable feedback. She teaches from experience and wisdom and cares about her students progress. Plus she makes it fun to learn which makes the whole experience fluid excellence!” Claudia Kavcic, Lac, Nelson, BC Canada

“Cameron West presents her material in such a way that allows the seasoned practitioner to integrate already acquired hands on skills, enhancing the magic of warm water as an effective modality in conjunction with traditional treatment theories. Her rich background in working with individuals living with physical limitations, as well as psycho-emotional and chronic pain issues, shines brightly in her ability to bring each class participant to a place of understanding the importance of 'presence' in the healing relationship. She is a master at combining her knowledge of rehabilitation therapies and holistic principles, addressing the ever imperative need of inviting the nervous system to transform into a calmer state. In this course, she presents how this marriage is truly a medicine for a cultural that is crying out for a slower pace and attention to the necessity of mind-body connection”. Mary LeSourd, CRTS, Minneapolis, MN


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