Continuing Education is a responsible and essential way to provide and maintain student certification. We offer students choices in many classes, with many teachers, so that each student can have an opportunity to fulfill their passion and vision for their professional and personal practice.

To maintain the integrity and quality of our programs all teachers that teach for the Aquatic Integration Institute (Aii) must be approved through their professional organization to provide Continuing Education credit or units.

Workshops that are offered through Aii are taught by visiting teachers, they bring invaluable experience and knowledge to help round out our programs and offer variety and cutting edge knowledge.

Time is spent choosing these teachers carefully with the criteria being: Subject matter, teacher compatibility with Aii philosophy, length of time in practice and as a teacher, and positive feedback from students who have taken courses from the teacher.

Not all workshops are aquatic. Land modalities are important for building a strong repertoire of tools to utilize within a land or aquatic practice.

Currently workshops that we sponsor are:

Shiatsu 1,2 and 3 with Shinzo Fujimaki

EASY (Energetic Aquatic Shiatsu Yoga) with Shinzo Fujimaki

Tantsu Yoga with Harold Dull

Watsu 3, Free Flow with Harold Dull

Fluid Presence Courses Shantam

CranioSacral Therapy in Water™ Elisa Munoz Blanco
(CranioSacral course description)

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